September 2008 NewSpace News

A Conclusion, Sort Of…

The investigators hired to determine the cause of the Scaled Composites accident in July, 2007 have concluded their investigation, with a surprising end result.  Press Release at SpaceRef

Lunar Lander Challenge, Take 3

The X Prize Foundation has announced ten teams vying for the upcoming Lunar Lander Challenge, which is set to take flight next month.  Press Release at X Prize Foundation

SpaceShipTwo Available Next Year?

Virgin Galactic’s new spaceship may make a debut next year at the EAA AirVenture Air Show, according to the firm’s president, Will Whitehorn.  Rob Coppinger at Flight Global

An Investment That Turned Heads

The first institutional investment in XCOR Aerospace was made by Desert Sky Holdings recently, giving hope to an industry that is often looked over by cautious investors. Press Release at XCOR Aerospace

Coming to a Classroom Near You

A documentary on Space-Based Solar Power will be headed to Math and Science classes nation-wide this upcoming fall.  Film Preview at The Futures Channel

Rocket Racing League’s New Plane

The Rocket Racing League has successfully tested their second new rocket racer, this one built by Armadillo Aerospace, and we could see the first rocket racer vs. rocket racer flights later this month.  Editors at

Plasma Rockets on the ISS

AdAstra Rocket Co. plans to bring a plasma rocket to test on the International Space Station in 2011 or 2012.  Irene Klotz at Discovery Channel

SpaceDev Succeeds

Even though SpaceX failed to reach orbit last month, California-based SpaceDev succeeded in building and delivering a responsive satellite in only six months. Press Release at Yahoo Finance

Shuttles, Dragons, and Alternatives

With the looming shuttle retirement on everyone’s minds, a fresh look may be needed at what is possible for crew and cargo transportation beyond the 2010 deadline.  Taylor Dinerman at The Space Review

The FAA Weighs In

The Commercial Space Transportation office of the Federal Aviation Administration today is busier than it has ever been, but what possibilities do they see in the future, and what will their role be in regulation?  Alan Boyle at Cosmic Log

Space Show Highlights

Richard Garriott, Dr. Patrick Collins, and Dr. Jeff Foust discuss their respective NewSpace initiatives with Dr. David Livingston on The Space Show.

Space for a Safe and Secure World

On February 18-20, 2009, International Space University will be hosting a three-day symposium as an interdisciplinary, international forum to help both the users and the providers of space-related systems move forward from the discussion of problems to the formulation of innovative solutions. Call for Papers

Space Angels Network – Angel Investor Deal Screening Meeting

On September 25-26, Space Angels Network will hold its inaugural Aerospace Venture Forum investor event in Los Angeles with the Keiretsu Forum angel group as co-host. Up to 20 space- and aviation-related startups will pitch their ventures before investors from around the USA. Attendance is limited to accredited investors only. For further details, including sponsorship opportunities, visit


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